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We’re Engaged!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know we got engaged a couple of weeks ago in NYC! It was a huge surprise to me, though now looking back I can see some of the signs. I’ve always loved New York City, but it was my first time visiting during the holidays, and since we got engaged there it’s even more special now.

How We Met


Most of you probably don’t know this, but Hunter and I first met 13 years ago! We went to different schools, but our golf teams practiced at the same course every day after school. After several weeks of staring at each other from a distance, we finally spoke.

He was a 3 years older than me, which was a huge deal back then, but now it’s funny that it ever was a thing. We hit it off immediately and wound up dating for 3 years (basically until I left for college) then part ways. During the years we were apart we always kept in touch and remained friends. When I moved to Houston in 2013, we started dating again right away and the rest is history!

The Proposal


It was Sunday on our NYC trip, and we had plans to visit the One World Observatory that afternoon. I knew I wanted to go around 4PM so we could see the city views during the day, sunset, and at night. It was the perfect time to visit! We paid in advance for the Priority Anytime tickets, and were so glad we did. When we arrived, the line was wrapped around outside the building. Luckily we just walked right in and straight through security! The elevator took us up to the 101st floor, where we walked around and saw some views, then went down to level 100 where we could see a 360 degree view of the city. It was seriously incredible!

My friend Carolyn asked to take a picture of us, so I turned around to take off my coat and get in place for the photo. When I turned around, Hunter was down on one knee with a huge smile on his face. All I could think to say was, “What are you doing? What’s happening?” Clearly I was caught off guard. He told me he loved me, and knew for a long time that he wanted to marry me, to which I obviously replied YES. He asked me if I wanted him to put the ring on (lol), also a yes. It was a surreal moment! It felt like it went by so fast but also that it lasted forever in a weird way. We grabbed some champagne at the bar to celebrate and enjoyed the views for a while longer.

The Ring

rose-gold-engagement-ringrs-158-laurenb-jewelryIf you’ve been in a relationship as long as we have, you’ve probably shown your bf what style of ring you like, or he’s asked you to show him. We talked about this pretty early on (about 3 years ago), and I’ve always loved this one specific setting from Lauren B Jewelry. I knew I wanted yellow or rose gold instead of white gold, and ultimately ended up with 14K rose gold. The color contrast really makes the stones pop. A simple oval center stone was also something I had asked for. The setting I chose was very unique because it has the tiny “scarf” of diamonds underneath the prongs. Just the right amount of detail for me.

I have tiny fingers, my ring finger is a size 4, so the jeweler suggested a carat weight for the center based on my hand size, which ended up being right at 1.5 carats. The level of detail they put into my ring is truly amazing. Hunter really enjoyed working with them as well, and we can not recommend them enough if you’re looking to get engaged or even for wedding bands.

The Wedding


We’ve never been the traditional couple. We moved in together right away in 2013, bought a home together a couple of years later, and now we’re newly engaged. Since we are 28 and 31, and already own a home together, we really just don’t see the point in waiting to get married. We even set a date! February 9th, 2018 at the Historic 1910 Harris County Courthouse; just a small civil ceremony for us and our parents. We can’t wait!

Rather than spend thousands on a traditional ceremony and reception, we want to make some updates to our home and spend a couple of quality weeks on a Honeymoon! We have everything we need at home, so instead friends and family can contribute to our dream honeymoon if they’d like. I realize this plan may not be for everyone, but that’s what works for us and I think that is more than okay. We’re excited for the future!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoyed our story ♥

xx Kaela


  1. Trixie

    Love this article!! What a cute story 😉 Also, you are one of the only people I know with a smaller ring size than me! I’m a 4.25. Tiny dainty fingers for the win! XXoo

    28 . Dec . 2017
  2. Vivian

    I am a sucker for a good love story and yours just fits right in! I’m so happy for you both and I hope you have a fantastic honeymoon over the summer!

    28 . Dec . 2017

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